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​American Humane brings us Adopt-A-Cat month in June

Each year, more and more sweet kittens join the millions of cats that can already be found in shelters all across the United States, including a shelter near you. Do you love cats and are looking to take one home soon? Do you already have a feline family member and want to increase the love by bringing home another? This is the perfect time!

Cat lovers in the know are aware that adopting a cat is a wonderful experience. If you are thinking of bringing home a new cat, your local shelter staff is ready to help you but there are some tips that will help you along your way. There are some basics that can help you with the adoption of not only cats, but any pet, such as: picking out a vet ahead of time and making an appointment for your new cat, preparing everyone in your home for the arrival of the new cat, budgeting for the cat’s short and long term care, stocking up on supplies, cat-proofing your home, including the new cat in your family’s emergency plan and, if the cat is to be a gift, that the recipient of the cat is an active participant in the process.

There are specifics that only affect cats and their owners, however, and it is good to know this before you begin. If you are thinking about adopting a cat, consider adopting two, instead. They can provide each other with the exercise a cat needs, in addition to mental stimulation and social interaction. Also, find a cat whose personality can compliment your own. Did you know a cat’s features can dictate its’ personality? A cat with long hair and a round head and body is more easy going than a lean cat with short hair and a narrow head. The latter is typically more active. Finally, cats take a few weeks to acclimate to new environments. Try to keep the cat secluded in a single room with all his needs until the cat is better used to its’ environment.

For further information, check out americanhumane.org or your local shelter!