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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween season! This season is always a favorite! What’s not to love? Candy, pumpkins, costumes – it can definitely be fun for all! It can even be fun for our pets as long as we are careful in our celebrations!

Both the ASPCA and petMD have made a list of Halloween safety tips to keep our furry friends safe and help them enjoy the fun season along with us! The tips are pretty in sync with each other…

1. Candy is NOT for your pet. It can actually be toxic for them – chocolate is especially toxic and sugar-free candies contain artificial sweeteners that can be truly harmful. Visit your local pet store, though! They will surely have many treats for your pets that are intended for them and won’t hurt them!

2. Keep pets away from the pumpkins! If you light a candle inside your carved Jack O Lantern, there’s a chance a curious little pet might knock it over and burn itself or cause a fire. Also, pumpkin is non-toxic to pets but can give them serious stomach problems.

3. There are an awful lot of adorable pet costumes out there! Who wouldn’t want to dress their pet up and be able to take and post great pictures? Some pets love their costumes but others hate them and, if forced to keep them on even by the most loving and well-meaning owners, they can suffer from undue stress.

4. Do you have a black cat? It might be best to keep him/her indoors. Halloween is a fun time but it can bring out the worst in some people who don’t know when to stop with a prank. Many black cats go missing or can get hurt during Halloween.

5. Giving the kids glow sticks to trick or treat with? Be sure your pet doesn’t get hold of one! The glow sticks are non-toxic generally but can cause stomach distress in our furry friends.

6. Keep pets inside away from the door. Halloween is a busy time – lots of trick or treaters come to the door and it’s a good opportunity for a curious pet to just venture out and get caught up in the flurry and excitement of lots of people in the streets with crazy get ups. Also, just in case, make sure they are wearing their collars that day or are microchipped.

Stay safe, keep your pets safe and Happy Halloween to all!