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In Honor of National Pet Day

Patricia's Couture celebrates National Pet Day on April 11th! We hope to see posts of your beloved pets and even which picture you'd like to put on a caftan! As pet lovers everywhere celebrate this day devoted to pets, we look back on its history.

National Pet Day was founded in 2006 by Colleen Paige, an Animal Welfare Advocate and Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert. National Pet Day serves a dual purpose:it celebrates the joy our pets give us in our everyday life and it shines a light on pets out there in shelters or rescues waiting for their forever homes.

In the few years since it's been founded, National Pet Day has increased in popularity. It has become a great day to adopt a new pet, donate blankets and food to shelters, volunteer at shelters, and post pictures of their pets using the #NationalPetDay hashtag.

Our pets are our friends and companions, always full of unconditional love for us. We are thrilled to celebrate them on National Pet Day!