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My Love of Caftans

I don’t know how it happened, but I have become famous for my caftans. I’m the caftan queen. I have more caftans than Lawrence of Arabia. They are very chic and extremely comfortable – so comfortable that I see the caftan as an acceptable way to w
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Appeal of the Caftan

When did fashionable women start wearing caftans? What decade? Do you recall the first time you saw one in a fashion magazine, or on a celebrity? I could imagine that the European heroines of Lesley Blanch’s book, “The Wilder Shores of Love,”
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Pet Detective

The other night, I was flicking through the channels and found an old movie, Ace Ventura Pet Detective. While Jim Carrey’s sophomoric antics still make me laugh all these years later, I started to wonder…is there really such a thing as a pet dete
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